Johnson & Perrott

Contract Hire

Contract Hire is the most cost effective way for you to fund and run your company cars and light commercials.

Contracts can me made for a wide range of terms and kilometres, and with or without a fixed price maintenance contract.  The agreed fixed monthly charge provides you with peace of mind and budgeting certainty on your transportation costs.  The contract can be also be made more comprehensive by the addition of fuel card management, accident management and our wide range of consultancy services.

As part of our contract hire service, we will provide you with:sales-team-2-oct-2016

At the end of the primary contract you will have a number of options:

With Johnson & Perrott Fleet taking away all of the risks on residual and maintenance costs, Contract Hire with Johnson & Perrott Fleet is the best option for your vehicle fleet.

For further information on our Contract Hire products for both cars and commercial vehicles please call  now on 01 4097575.