Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Leasing Electric Vehicles with Johnson & Perrott Fleet

As a leasing provider we are seeing more and more requests for fully electric vehicles. Newer models now benefit from a higher range (530kms on a full charge approx. for example) so in theory should be able to cover most journeys one a full charge. This compared to previous EV options that often caused ‘range anxiety’ will provide more certainty for those thinking of making the change.

The greater range comes from bigger and better battery technology. In simple terms the higher the kilowatt of the battery the better the range will be.

There are many more options available now than ever before with sizes and costs to suit all budgets. 

Commercial vans, commercial 2 seater car vans, small hatchbacks, mid size Suvs and larger Suv offerings can now cover a huge range of requirements. 

The benefits of electric cars

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Recently launched incentives

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0% Benefit in Kind

0% Benefit in Kind for Full Electric vehicles up to a value of €50,000

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Government Grants

Government grants being made available for business users who are entitled to claim €5,000 (VRT rebate) off the price of a new electric car which greatly lower the monthly costs.


FAQ Section - answers to some of the most frequently asked questions;

Q – How do I know if leasing an EV is for me?

Q – Are there any other considerations to leasing an EV?

Q – What Benefit In-Kind Tax is applicable to EVs?

Q – What financial incentives are there to leasing an EV?

Q – Are there any other advantages to leasing an EV?

Q – What sort of range can I expect from an EV?

Q – What is the environmental impact of driving an EV?

Q -How long does it take to charge a car?

A – Charging times vary depending on the model of car and the power source used. The majority of people will charge using a Wallbox. It is, however, possible to charge via a domestic socket. For fast charging, a rapid charger can be used; however, at present, there are a limited amount of rapid charging stations in Ireland, and it is more expensive than standard charging.

Below are the charging times for a typical example EV:

Domestic socket – 18-24 hours
Wallbox – 4-5hrs (7.4kW, 0-100%)
Rapid charge time – 30-40 mins (50kW, 10-80%)

Q – How much does it cost to charge an electric car?  

A – typically, charging the vehicle at home using the night time rate will cost approximately €3 for a full charge

Q- How does the above compare to a typical petrol or diesel car?

As an example if an electric vehicle is charged to cover 100kms at a discounted rate it can cost approx €1.50 – €2. To cover the same distance in a typical petrol family hatchback would cost about €8 and €6.50 for a diesel equivalent.


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