Johnson & Perrott Fleet Tesla Leasing Model 3 Performance red

Tesla EV Leasing @JPFleet – Cars In Stock

Tesla Model 3 – In Stock For Immediate Delivery

With long lead times on some cars we have a ray of light with Tesla as there are a number of Model 3 cars in stock ready for immediate supply.

All models are the Long Range version (up to 580kms) and are a mix of colours.

If you are in the market for something like this get in touch soon as these vehicles will not be available for long. The next shipment after this is due in around March.

Many customers have gone down the fully electric avenue for company cars and with more options than ever before now is the perfect time to explore the potential benefits.

Talk to us today for insight into how fully electric vehicles can work for your business and drivers. 

Find out what are the pros and cons? Do the benefits outweigh any negatives? 

Benefits of EV leasing include;

  • 0% rate of BIK (capped @ €50,000)
  • Government VRT rebate for cars up to €50,000
  • Zero Co2 emmissions
  • New lower rate of VRT introduced @ 7% for zero emmissions vehicles
  • €600 Government grant for home charger for business users
  • €120 Annual Road Tax
  • Low running costs 

Areas to consider;

  • How many kilometres you travel every year (like a lot of us this has decreased since the pandemic so BIK charges for traditional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars have increased
  • Which EV you need to suit your lifestyle / business needs?
  • Do you have regular access to charging points?

@ JPFleet in conjunction with our trusted partner we can organise fitting of a domestic wall box for a safe and cost effective way of ensuring that the driver has the unlimited ability to charge their car.

If you are considering one of these for your business contact us today – details below. We are more than happy to talk through the various questions you may have and qualify/advise accordingly.

For more information and FAQ: 

Get In Touch!

If you are looking at leasing one of these for your business talk to us today for competitive pricing!

Call for more info on 01 4097575 or email

Check us out @ – and see how leasing can benefit your business or at YouTube.

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