BMW EV Leasing

The All-New BMW iX fully electric is out now

In showrooms now and available to lease is the new BMW iX All-Electric Sports Activity Vehicle. The BMW iX delivers powerful acceleration from a standstill, with cutting-edge technology. 

Prices start from  €85,000 for the new iX40e as seen here in metallic black.  

A range of up to 413kms (WLTP) and 326bhp give a great combination of power and distance to get you anywhere you need to go. 

The design inside and out is full of wondeful touches giving a fresh view on how an exterior and interior can be laid out.

The fit and finish are on another level from other cars in the same class with crystal design buttons, widescreen displays and new fabrics throughout the cabin.  

The large front grille houses numerous cameras and radars for collision warning detection and adative cruise control and is covered in a radical new ‘self-healing’ plastic to reapir marks and scracthces from stone chips etc keeping the car looking fresh for its entire life. 

As you would expect driving the car on the road is quiet and refined but with plenty of go from the powerful electric motor and instant torque.

All cars come with high levels of spec and technology. See more info @ 

Benefits of EV leasing include;

  • 0% rate of BIK (capped @ €50,000) for 2022 
  • Government VRT rebate for cars up to €50,000
  • Zero Co2 emissions
  • New lower rate of VRT introduced @ 7% for zero emissions vehicles
  • €600 Government grant for home charger for business users
  • €120 Annual Road Tax
  • Low running costs 

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