The Charge is on for Electric Vehicles

As a leasing provider we are seeing more and more requests for fully electric vehicles.

With recent changes to benefit in kind and a new BIK band of 0% for Full Electric vehicles up to a value of €50,000 they can represent great value for the company car driver. Government grants are also available (for full electric vehicles) with business users able to claim €8,800 off the price of a new electric car to greatly lower the monthly costs

Newer models like the Hyundai Kona now benefit from a higher range (450kms on a full charge approx) so should be able to cover most journeys one a full charge compared to previous EV options that often caused ‘range anxiety’ leaving the driver uncertain as to how long the car would continue and would they be able to get to the next charging point

The greater range comes from bigger and better battery technology. In simple terms the higher the kilowatt of the battery the better the range will be.


If you are looking at leasing one of these for your business talk to us today for competitive pricing!

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